Beautiful and Idyllic Antigua

I was very fortunate to have a spontaneous holiday in Antigua in September this year. It came about because I have a South African passport, which means that I need a visa for most countries 😊 but not it would appear for a beautiful island called Antigua, hence in a week flights and hotels were booked and off we went!

I didn’t think I needed a holiday, but on arriving, I realised I hadn’t been on a holiday for the last 18 months where I wasn’t on some level worried about my career or moving countries. So I was incredibly grateful to be able just to be present and relax and enjoy every moment.

Antigua was a read a book on the beach type of holiday for me, and soak up the sun rays! The people are very friendly, and they speak broken English to each other, which at the beginning sounded like a foreign language but if you paid attention you would catch a few of the words. You don’t just have to stay at your hotel, there are various tours, and I would highly recommend watching the sunset from Shirley Heights while listening to the steel drums being played in the background. Afterwards, it becomes a real party with local DJ’s performing. We did island-hop on a catamaran one day, and I was able to snorkel and see some beautiful sea life and the majestic colours of the sea that made you feel like you were in a postcard!

Visting the capital St.Johns is a must to allow you to explore the town and realise that life isn’t just the idyllic bubble portrayed by the resort. There are the main markets where you can bargain for souvenirs to take home and the museum gives you a great overview of the history of the island.

If you would like to escape to one of the earth’s beautiful paradises that still is slightly untouched by commercialism, then I would highly recommend Antigua. :)

All my love always




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