Cambodia Adventures - Temple exploring

Today I had the honour of visiting the Angkor Wat, Bayon and Tom Phrem temples.

It started super early so we could watch the sunrise over Angkor Wat, for me there is something deeply nourishing about honouring the passage of tone and the elements so sunrises, sunsets, new moon, full moons etc always have an enhanced soul alignment when I’m watching them consciously. It was incredible watching the sky dark filled with star light slowly transform with beautiful shades of purple, orange and blue.

We got to walk through the temples and explore them, the history is fascinating and I’m always in awe at what we were able to achieve centuries ago. In Cambodia, slaves weren’t used to build the temples instead people from the various villages took turns building it as an act of serving God and the King. The shows the power of community and belief, you can sense the pride in craftsmanship and detail in the cravings. While the act of building temples was for the King to cement his favour with the people, it also helped the community in the long-term. All the temples are surrounded by man-made lakes to symbolise the ocean but actually provided the community with water during the dry season.

I always have a deep respect and reverence for religious spaces but today Tom Prohm temple captured my soul and heart in the most magical way. The temple was built as a memorial to one of the King‘s mom and over time has been overtaken by magnificent trees, hundreds of years old, whose roots have intertwined amongst the stones. There is no way of removing them with destroying both, so restoration is being done preserving the history and Mother Nature. I could feel the magic and aliveness in the space, the mystical spirits completely at home, I could imagine the ancestors living on through the trees.

My soul felt home and free, which I have only ever felt in the desert in South Africa. It’s both a humbling and exhilarating.

All my love always



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