Make a wish...

I came across this old till in a bookshop on a boat on Regent’s Canal and thought it was so cute and quirky! It felt like it belonged in a Roald Dahl book 😊

I loved the invitation to take a sweet and make a wish; it immediately made me feel whimsical and reflect on the innocence we had as a child. I often made wishes, and as children this manifesting behaviour is encouraged whether it is wishing upon a star, making a wish when you blow out a candle or blowing on a fallen eyelash.

Yet as we grow-up, we assign it as something children do, but why wouldn’t you want to make a wish, why wouldn’t you want to manifest your deepest desires? The universe often presents us with “sweets” known as opportunities and encourages us to take it and make the wish. All you need to do is believe and be open to it.

What is your wish today?

All my love



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