Slow and steady wins the race

As we celebrate Jupiter moving into Capricorn where it will stay for the next year, and I think it is apt that we have the ten of wands for as the message.

When you see the ten of wands, it looks like he is carrying a heavy load, but there is a sense of purpose. For me, the ten of wands symbolises that you are almost at the end of the journey, need to go a tiny bit further to reach your goal. The card also asks you to look at what unnecessary burdens you are carrying and what can you put down to lighten the load.

This is what the Jupiter in Capricorn year will feel like, Jupiter's energy will take on a more measured and grounded approach towards reaching your goals over the next year. You will need to plan out your route towards your goals, and re-evaluate as you go along, making sure that the foundation which you build is solid. As with any transit, you will be asked what burdens/self-imposed beliefs can you let go of.

Like with any Capricorn energy, if you persevere and keep going, the rewards will be long-lasting and so worth it in the end!

All my love




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