The courageous act

Aristotle once said, “An individual develops courage by doing courageous acts.”

On Sunday, I did a courageous act, well for me, it took a lot of courage! I was given the opportunity to speak about #WhiteMonday and Globechain at a Sustainable Fashion event. Of course, I said yes before the fear monsters crept in… I am completely terrified of public speaking!

It doesn’t matter, how much I practice before - somehow the irrational nerves kick in, and suddenly I am filled with so much anxiety it's crazy! I feel like all the words escape out of my head and part of me wants to get off the stage immediately!

But I did do the talk, and yes, I forgot my speech but covered the key messages which needed to be said, and the feedback was really positive. 😊 I wish I could say that I am over my fear, I am definitely not, but Aristotle's quote resonates with me because every time I show up and do something courageous for me, I become more courageous and my belief in myself increases.

Everyone’s definition of courage is different, maybe for you, it is getting out of bed every day and greeting the world or perhaps you are doing your first skydive. I believe it is all about taking the little steps and acknowledging when it is a big thing for you. Tell people or write it down and then celebrate doing it and “surviving”.

These small steps allow you to teach your brain to reframe what is scary, to slowly build up the foundation and to be willing to take the next courageous act!

All my love



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