The intuitive high priestess

The high priestess asks you to tune into your intuition, the part of you that knows. In today’s society, we are conditioned to seek answers from external sources, seeking validation from multiple sources, yet we have all the knowledge and wisdom within ourselves to achieve our wildest dreams and live in alignment with our soul’s purpose.

This card aptly applies to the new moon in Sagittarius energy this week. Sagittarius is the dreamer and is known for his big-picture visions. The new moon asks you: What is your soul’s dream? What is your vision for yourself? What does your intuition say?

It is the perfect opportunity to use the message from the high priestess and tap into your inner knowing and answer the questions, set the intentions and start living your best life. You have so much potential and magic inside you 😊

All my love




© 2020 Jenn Moldovanos