The Joy of Three of Cups

This time of the year fills me with a sense of joy and love which is depicted by the three of cups. As we near the end of the year, we have celebrations such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, which focus on friendships and community, where we have the opportunity to share and give in various ways.

The number 3 symbolises the completion of a cycle, which is fitting with the full moon in Taurus tomorrow. We can reflect on what has come full circle since we planted the seeds of intention during the new moon six months ago in Taurus.

The three of cups asks you to look into your relationships with your community and your support tribe, your friendships. Are they overflowing with genuine and positive emotions and worth celebrating? If they are, how can you keep nurturing them in a healthy manner and if they aren’t, is there something in your power to change the dynamic without causing harm to anyone including yourself?

Overall the message of this card, as you can see from the imagery is one of happiness, support, success and community!

All my love




© 2020 Jenn Moldovanos